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Tenders ACT Mobile App    15 Dec, 2016

Tenders ACT Mobile App                                         


The Tenders ACT mobile app (app) is a smartphone/tablet application that complements the functionality offered by the Tenders ACT website. 

The app offers a subset of the features available on the web system and includes additional features such as ‘Watch’ and ‘Share’.  The app has been linked with the Tenders ACT website to provide real time access to details of open tenders, closed tenders and advance tender notices. 

The app does not replace the Tenders ACT web system.  It cannot be used to download specification documents, upload electronic responses or view select tenders. 

To download the app to your mobile device, simply go to iTunes for Apple customers or Google Play for Android users and search for ‘Tenders ACT’. There is no cost to access the app.

Welcome Message and Terms and Conditions

When you first use the app, you will be presented with a welcome message that outlines key features of the app.  Terms and Conditions for use of the app will pop up next - you will need to accept the Terms and Conditions to proceed further. Once accepted, the user will not see the welcome message or Terms and Conditions again when starting the app.  The Terms and Conditions can be viewed at any time in the ‘Settings’ tab.

Registered Users

Registered users of the Tenders ACT website can associate their mobile device with their account on Tenders ACT.  This will enable registered users to enjoy the full functionality of the app – including access to search profiles established on the website, and ability to select and watch specific tenders - a functionality similar to that of ‘favourites’ on a web site.

Registered users that watch a tender and also activate the Notifications feature can receive alerts on watched tenders that are ‘Closing Tomorrow’, ‘Closing in One Week’ or have been ‘Updated’ or ‘Closed’.  While both systems offer the same experience to the user in relation to alerts when a tender has changed, the app offers a faster method for mobile users to interact with the Tenders ACT website, and the ability to receive tailored Notifications to their devices regarding relevant tenders and/or changed details.  The ‘Share’ feature enables users to share details of a tender on a number of social media platforms (WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger etc).    

Unregistered Users

App users that are not registered on the Tenders ACT website can still use the app to view Open Tenders, Closed Tenders and Advance Tender Notices. They will not receive any Notifications.


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Contact Tenders ACT at or +61 2 6207 7377 if you require further information.