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Current Directory: Standard Conditions of Contract and Tender Infrastructure
  Type Name Size in bytes Description Status
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RFT Standard Conditions Public Arts Services Attachment 1 193 KB Updated April 2016 v2
RFT Draft Public Art Agreement Attachment 4 78 KB
Public Art Agreement Template 169 KB Updated April 2016
ACTGS Building Services Panel (RFT Annexure Version) 255 KB Updated July 2015
ACTGS Design Services Panel Deed (RFT Annexure Version) 153 KB Updated July 2015
ACTGS Purchase of Goods Agreement 855 KB Updated April 2011
Basic Brief Revision (M) 521 KB Updated 25 February 2012
Construction Related Consultancy Agreement-RFT Annexure 399 KB Updated 03 April 2019 v2 (SLJC)
Economic Development Construction Agreement 1543 KB Updated June 2015 v4.4.1
Infrastructure Maintenance Services Agreement 388 KB UpdatedFebruary 2014
Managing Contractor Contract Annexure Version (MCC-ACT-2013) 827 KB Updated 17 November 2017
Panel Deed (ACTGS) Goods RFT 620 KB Updated April 2014
Panel Deed ACTGS Services RFT Annexure 216 KB Updated October 2014
Project Management Agreement 307 KB Updated 11 May 2018 v2 (Track Changes Visable)
Project Management Agreement 1117 KB Updated 11May 2018v2 (PM Panel Only)
RFT-Construction (Lump Sum AS2124) 1053 KB Updated 15 January 2019 v17.0 SLJC
Services Agreement Consultant Statutory Authority RFT Annexure 123 KB Updated September 2014
Services Agreement Contractor Agreement Statutory Authority RFT Annexure 121 KB Updated September 2014
Services Agreement Contractor Agreement Template RFT Annexure 269 KB Updated September 2014
Services Agreement Services Consultant Agreement RFT Annexure 122 KB Updated September 2014
Short Form of Tender (Construction) 307 KB Updated 15 January 2019 v11 SLJC
Standard Conditions of Tender Services 522 KB UpdatedJune 2015 v1
Standard Conditions Tender Construction 320 KB Updated 15 January 2019 v4 SLJC
Ethical Suppliers Declaration (Tender) 27 KB Updated January 2019 v1 SLJC/WHS